Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Hand & Lock

In my first year of my foundation degree I was given a live brief for a competition held by the amazing Hand & Lock company, specialising in beautiful embroidered work. the competition named, 'Buntys Old Draws' was an absolutely brilliant brief to follow, i really enjoyed the challenge and the idea that my work is leading towards something! I started my project by looking at colours and vintages laces drawing from pattern and drawing my own, after toying with a few ideas I liked one image i had created and repeated it to make a full pattern.
To create my final piece i stretched some silk chiffon on to a wooden frame i made. I then made a pattern shaped on a manikin to create a shoulder piece that would fit around the neck. i drew out my pattern on the the silk screen i had made and started the never ending beading all over! i found that using the silk was best as the fibres don't pull at all which  helps a lot when doing this amount of heavy beading. I tried to use a variety of different sizes and shaped beads from bugle to seed beads, having such a complicated pattern to follow, the type of bead used would depend on the patter, but i absolutely love the final out come!
 The collar is made out of an olive green, shot with back taffeta, with stiffener to keep its shape, i also added some beautiful little brass buttons i found at a local shop in Newcastle called chillingham collectibles! full of everything and anything that could come in use. This is most definitely my favourite project yet!
Beading on to the silk frame.
Back veiw

Front veiw

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