Wednesday, 26 December 2012

In The Making Theatre Royal Newcastle PANTO!

Hello again!
Here's a few photos i have found of my marvelous mother knocking out some smashing costumes for the pantomime dame, Chris Hayward.
Lace over satin!

The scalloped edge really sets this one off. 

Sun ray pleated chiffon insirts

With a detachable skirt!

Cotton velvet lady admiral, to be paired with a white duchess skirt and with red inserts, finished off with a gold trim to match the coat

I personally beaded this whole dress! 6 full days work went in to this. 

as seen in the tickled pink event at Whitley bay playhouse,
Newcastle 2012

Hand painted by Maryann Trigg 2012

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Ready to go!

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Theatre Royal Costumes!

This year my Mum has really out done herself, for yet again ANOTHER year with the dame costumes for the Theatre Royal in Newcastle! starting super early in the start of the year, Ive never seen her so excited to be at work before! She's taken so much time and put ridiculous amount of effort in to this years collection of outstanding costumes, I may sound bias because she's my mum but she is someone i really aspire to and hope to be half as good as she is!  As well as these though she has also done costumes for many other local pantos in and around Newcastle, a regular being the seaton deleval panto and another in whickham. She has worked so hard this year and the outcomes have been phenomenal yet again! it totally baffles me how she manages to make, alter designs and alter for even the pickiest dames, year after year.

The funny thing is, If you look at the program it says otherwise, im sure its just a mistake they've made for the last 4ish years. not to cause any trouble, I just want her to get the credit and acknowledgement she deserves.

Love your Momma

Heres a few of her costumes in action!
This costume from last year was one of my fav's!

Monday, 15 October 2012

Enchanted Parks

Me and a couple of friends are thinking of setting up an exhibition to be shown in saltwell parks event, 'enchanted parks' our initial thoughts where to create an alice in wonderland theme, however it seems this has already been done! So the next step is to think of a new theme, that can be translated in to clear and colored plastics, laser cut. this is going to look amazing with lights reflecting of it in the night! so excited to get cracking with this!

Tuesday, 12 June 2012


Last night was my final degree show for textiles and surface design! I think it went really well, however i was quite surprised at how much attention my scarves got considering they where a last minute thing, OH WELL! I had a great time with all my friends and family and i hope they did too. x
Me, Charlie & Steph.

Family & Friends

Vests & Jumpers

Framed prints


Textiles girls!

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Skull Scarf Designs

After having some trouble printing on to vests I have decided to create a range of scarves to go with my jumpers! I think these have worked well and I really like the contrast between the bright pinks and subtle peaches, I have printed these designs on to silk which I feel has worked well even though the cost has been horrendous! I suppose you can’t put a price on necessity’s though?

Vest designs

Here are a few of my final vest designs, I have included imagery that has been manipulated in both size and colour ways to suite each design, I have also decided to include a photograph of the sunset because the colours on the initial image sat well with the rest of my colour trend! I think this has worked well and makes these designs stand out more from initial designs that can be bought straight from the high street. I have also had some photos taken of the vests completed with models, one very 'Harry styles' look a-like that i will be putting on here very shortly.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Photoshop Madness!

This week, Ive gone a bit mad on photoshop, i havent used it at all this year so its been a real eye opener with how much designs can vary! Ive really enjoyed working with my current colour pallete, this ones a keeper! the imagery howvever has been wuite hard to piece together as a a lot of it works better as motif's rather than repeats, I have created a few but i dont feel they are as strong as i would like them to be, also the final outcome for my project has changed, AGAIN. im going down the blazer route! a faded pattern on the outside, and a really funky lining possibly with laser cutting back, and a laser cut leather collar with gemetric triangles and the 'Y' symbol that has ran through the project, I think i am starting to get somewhere now! aslwell as the blazer i will be making t-shirts/vests, with most of these motif designs! a couple of people have already asked for one! Thanks guys!

This one is my FAVOURITE!

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Kelly Smith

Stuck at a dead end with my project at the moment, I have started drawing fashion images and translating my 'day of the dead' look on to them, i really like the outcomes i have made, but just feel its not strong enough to base my finals on yet, so after researching some fashion illustrators i came across this little gem! KELLY SMITH! I absolutely adore her work, i really like the detailed drawing mixed with quirky images, After being compleatly inspiredd by this work, I have deiced to put the fine liners down and move towards the sketching pencils, AGAIN. I think maybe looking at more of the body rather than just a floating head, (shoulders and hands) will give my imagery more placment. Anyway here are a few images of Kelly Smiths that i think are to die for! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Sunday, 25 March 2012

FMP Concidering Colour

After looking at current trends in the childrens wear market for this spring/summer, I have decided to change my colour pallete to much more muted and subtle tones pf pinks, yellows and greys. Here are a few images which i have found on a website (Pintrest) I feel these images give a good indication of what sort of colours i am aiming for!

I really like this skirt and will definetly be using this style of lazer cutting in leater in my collection!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Brokbushes Farm

After looking through an old memory card I found some photos I took will on a visit to brokbushes farm! these photos where used in a project at the start of second year for paperchase, I will upload the final out comes at a later date but this is where most of the imagery came from! It was a very fun day out with my boyfriend who I even managed to persuade to go strawberry picking, I think he secretly enjoyed himself!