Sunday, 25 March 2012

FMP Concidering Colour

After looking at current trends in the childrens wear market for this spring/summer, I have decided to change my colour pallete to much more muted and subtle tones pf pinks, yellows and greys. Here are a few images which i have found on a website (Pintrest) I feel these images give a good indication of what sort of colours i am aiming for!

I really like this skirt and will definetly be using this style of lazer cutting in leater in my collection!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Brokbushes Farm

After looking through an old memory card I found some photos I took will on a visit to brokbushes farm! these photos where used in a project at the start of second year for paperchase, I will upload the final out comes at a later date but this is where most of the imagery came from! It was a very fun day out with my boyfriend who I even managed to persuade to go strawberry picking, I think he secretly enjoyed himself!

Monday, 5 March 2012

Final Major Project!

For FMP I have written my own brief! I have chosen the Mexican holiday, 'Day of the dead' as my theme for this one, Ive had loads of great ideas and i can't wait to get started! i will be using the lazer cutter a lot in this project, as well as digital prints, screen printing, and or course beading! Ive done a bit of research, colleting interesting visuals and learning a bit more about the holiday, this has given me a wider variety of possible drawings and pattern.

here are some images from pintrest