Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Photoshop Madness!

This week, Ive gone a bit mad on photoshop, i havent used it at all this year so its been a real eye opener with how much designs can vary! Ive really enjoyed working with my current colour pallete, this ones a keeper! the imagery howvever has been wuite hard to piece together as a a lot of it works better as motif's rather than repeats, I have created a few but i dont feel they are as strong as i would like them to be, also the final outcome for my project has changed, AGAIN. im going down the blazer route! a faded pattern on the outside, and a really funky lining possibly with laser cutting back, and a laser cut leather collar with gemetric triangles and the 'Y' symbol that has ran through the project, I think i am starting to get somewhere now! aslwell as the blazer i will be making t-shirts/vests, with most of these motif designs! a couple of people have already asked for one! Thanks guys!

This one is my FAVOURITE!

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Kelly Smith

Stuck at a dead end with my project at the moment, I have started drawing fashion images and translating my 'day of the dead' look on to them, i really like the outcomes i have made, but just feel its not strong enough to base my finals on yet, so after researching some fashion illustrators i came across this little gem! KELLY SMITH! I absolutely adore her work, i really like the detailed drawing mixed with quirky images, After being compleatly inspiredd by this work, I have deiced to put the fine liners down and move towards the sketching pencils, AGAIN. I think maybe looking at more of the body rather than just a floating head, (shoulders and hands) will give my imagery more placment. Anyway here are a few images of Kelly Smiths that i think are to die for! LOVE LOVE LOVE!