Wednesday, 26 December 2012

In The Making Theatre Royal Newcastle PANTO!

Hello again!
Here's a few photos i have found of my marvelous mother knocking out some smashing costumes for the pantomime dame, Chris Hayward.
Lace over satin!

The scalloped edge really sets this one off. 

Sun ray pleated chiffon insirts

With a detachable skirt!

Cotton velvet lady admiral, to be paired with a white duchess skirt and with red inserts, finished off with a gold trim to match the coat

I personally beaded this whole dress! 6 full days work went in to this. 

as seen in the tickled pink event at Whitley bay playhouse,
Newcastle 2012

Hand painted by Maryann Trigg 2012

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Ready to go!

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Theatre Royal Costumes!

This year my Mum has really out done herself, for yet again ANOTHER year with the dame costumes for the Theatre Royal in Newcastle! starting super early in the start of the year, Ive never seen her so excited to be at work before! She's taken so much time and put ridiculous amount of effort in to this years collection of outstanding costumes, I may sound bias because she's my mum but she is someone i really aspire to and hope to be half as good as she is!  As well as these though she has also done costumes for many other local pantos in and around Newcastle, a regular being the seaton deleval panto and another in whickham. She has worked so hard this year and the outcomes have been phenomenal yet again! it totally baffles me how she manages to make, alter designs and alter for even the pickiest dames, year after year.

The funny thing is, If you look at the program it says otherwise, im sure its just a mistake they've made for the last 4ish years. not to cause any trouble, I just want her to get the credit and acknowledgement she deserves.

Love your Momma

Heres a few of her costumes in action!
This costume from last year was one of my fav's!